How To Prepare For Your Session

Please ​drink plenty of water this day and bring some with you. ​It is suggested not to ​eat anything too heavy or over consume caffeine within a two​-hour window of your session, though you know your body best, so please honor your needs accordingly. Please​ make sure to mention any medications or supplements you are regularly taking at the beginning of your session.


Take time to consider what you would like clarity on in your life. You may choose to write these things down prior and bring them with you. I recommend you bring your journal and a pen to take any notes.​ ​You are welcome to record any session.​ We may or may not have time to address everything however, we will certainly address that which holds the greatest priority in your life at that moment. I encourage you not to be attached, as sometimes that which we think has to be addressed first does not. Sometimes, spiritual healing sessions remind me of the game of Jenga. We remove accordingly to allow for a powerful healing process that can create sustainability ​in how we are redirecting our life for betterment in all areas. This helps eliminate ​as much potential as possible for ​any form​ of healing crisis.


If this resonates, take a few minutes to call in the Universe, God, all of your guardian beings, and any named support system that you relate to that exist ​in the highest vibration of ​light and love. Do this as you contemplate what you will be coming in to work on. You may also choose to do this the day we work together. Of course, you may do it at any time, as many times as you like! Ask that they come to link with my team and support for you in any manner in which you are ready. Be open. Be flexible. 


If any objects call to you, please feel free to bring them to our session. Be sure to let me know that you have done so before beginning your session.


Clients are allowed one question in between sessions. Questions during the period between sessions are meant to help clients gain more clarity with tools they have received, expressly​ address a point that was discussed, or offer potential insight as to a single-pointed question that has occurred since their session.

Location: Sessions are offered both in person and virtually (phone and zoom are the most common). For in office sessions, I am located in the beautiful South Park area. First time clients are given the address after we have virtually met and they have paid for their session. 

Parking: Free parking is available. Please note, Handicap Accessible is not available; Please schedule a distance or outcall session to be accommodated.