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Tailored Wisdom is conveniently located in the beautiful South Park area of Charlotte, NC, 28210.

Please drive safely, deer are often found wandering our private roads.


Mary utilizes the Medify MA-25 air purifier in a gorgeous and comfortable office space that has two windows (that open). The Medify MA-25 filters down to .1 microns-which is the size of  the virus, Covid-19 (and its variants). The Medify has the same Hepa-13 filtration system used in hospitals and doctor's offices.

Mary has two healing cats, that are often in the office space working when clients are not. 


Policies for new clients: Text [will be seen the fastest] or call me at 704-237-0734 to schedule and enjoy a free 15 minute zoom consult. This ensures we are a good fit and is a requirement* to become a Tailored Wisdom client. New clients always pay for their first session in advance. All necessary information will be handled at time of bookings. *This is not a requirement for any referral of an established client. 

Covid Protocols: Mandatory mask, use of hand sanitizer upon entry, clients are asked to remove shoes upon entrance, answer common sense questions, be checked by Mary with the use of one of her handy dandy pendulums, and possibly sign a Covid Awareness and Release Waiver. 

Thank you for your understanding!

Please contact me with any questions. I look forward to speaking with you. ~ Mary


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