Mary E. Amon The Metaphysical Maven Owner of Tailored Wisdom

Mary the Metaphysical Maven



Mary Amon is and evidential psychic medium, energy healer, and massage therapist with over 20 years of traditional experience including Neuromuscular, Lomi, Craniosacral, Dowsing, and Reiki therapies. She has the unique ability to connect with animals, children and often those in utero. Mary is a natural mystic, amplifier and empath, coming from more than five generations of seers and healers.


As a child, she experienced interactions with her guides and began intuitively offering to heal people and animals. Mary has continued to develop her intuitive healing abilities through ongoing mentorships allowing her to expand her skills in shamanic practices, esoteric wisdom, psychology, and neurophysiology. Over the last 20 years, Mary has deepened her education and experience with tools such as copper rings, crystals, and pendulums, becoming a member of the American Society of Dowsers. All of these skills have helped to refine her ability to connect with various dimensional realms, including the animal kingdom.


Mary’s personal history is long and winding. With dysfunctional family dynamics; physical, emotional, and sexual abuse; addictions, two car accidents, and emergency surgery; Mary had a lot of healing work to do for herself. Throughout the process, she utilized a diverse multitude of both traditional and alternative therapies; the help of her natural, intuitive gifts; her connection to different realms, and tapped into higher vibrational energies to aid in her healing process. Understanding how challenging healing can be by oneself, Mary has set out to

help others on their path. She has immense gratitude for her abilities to go beyond the pain and use her experience to help others connect with tools that create healing and resolution in their lives. Thanks to this work and work on herself, Mary is now surrounded by immeasurable love, compassion, and joy in her life.

"Mary has an extraordinary ability to genuinely know and feel the truth of things. She has natural gifts of intuitive knowledge, guidance, and healing for the world."

~ Astrology Reading 2017